Codes/White Papers

SEAW White Papers

White Paper #2-2016
June 2016

ASCE 7 Site Specific Exposure Determination
- SEAW Wind Engineering Committee

White Paper #1-2016
June 2016

ASCE 7 Triggers for Requiring Wind Tunnel
- SEAW Wind Engineering Committee

White Paper #1-2011
April 2011   

Code Comparison for Seismic Design from the IBC 2006 to 
IBC 2009 - SEAW Earthquake Engineering Committee 

White Paper #2-2009
December 2009 

Study of Structural Failures Associated with the Winter
2008-2009 Snow Event in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area
- SEAW Spokane Chapter ad hoc committee - Robert Graper, chair 

White Paper #1-2009
November 2009 

Special Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls as Building
Frame Systems for Mid- and High-Rise Buildings
- SEAW Earthquake Engineering Committee 

WABO/SEAW White Papers

Submitted by the WABO/SEAW Liaison Committee 

White Paper #6b
July 2017
Deferred Submittals
White Paper #11
March 2015
Heavy Vehicle Load Provisions
White Paper #10
June 2014
Guards and Connections
White Paper #9
March 2013
Threaded Rod Holdown Systems in Wood Frame Buildings
White Paper #8
December 2010 
Guidelines for Determining Snow Loads in Washington State
White Paper #7
February 2012 
Seismic Design and Gravity Support Requirements for Non-Structural Components - revised January 23, 2013 
White Paper #6a
April 2010 
Phased Approvals in Permitting
White Paper #5
March 2011 
Guideline: Post-Disaster Contract Safety Evaluations
White Paper #4
March 2011
Structural Permit Submittal Guidelines
White Paper #3
March 2011
Guideline for Determining Wind Loads on Structures
- use of SEAW's Handbook to a Rapid-Solutions Methodology(tm) for Wind Design of Buildings
White Paper #2
August 2006
Wet Sealing and Signing of Structural Submittals
White Paper #1
August 2006
Guideline - Structural Plan Review Philosophy 
August 2000
Snow Load Regulations and Engineering Practices
- Washington State