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SEAW Briefings/Reports:Seismograph


2011 Japan Earthquake Technical Briefing

2011 Japan Earthquake Reconnaissance Report

2010 Chile Earthquake Technical Briefing

2008 Wenchuan China Earthquake Briefing 

Pacific Northwest-related Earthquake Information


February 28, 2001 Seattle-Olympia (Nisqually) Earthquake
University of Washington Information Clearinghouse

Scenario for a Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake on the Seattle Fault June, 2005

SEAW responds to New York Times Op-Ed: "Shake, Rattle, Seattle" 

Original op-ed

Earthquake Engineering Committee rebuttal letter
    . . .as printed in NY Times

Earthquake Information Resources:


USGS Earthquakes Hazards Program

EERI Earthquake Clearinghouse

Earthquake Preparedness Resources


3 Days, 3 Ways

Washington State Emergency Management Division

King County Emergency Management

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup

ShakeOut Washington

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